WILD TORNADOES!!! Close Intercept by Scientific Research Team 5-28-19 Tipton Kansas

WILD TORNADOES!!! Close Intercept by Scientific Research Team 5-28-19 Tipton Kansas Up close footage of several tornadoes spawned from one storm. Three tornadoes were documented on the ground at once including wild rope tornadoes and a powerful cone tornado striking a farmstead. This Scientific field operations team led by Anton Seimon had to position directly in the path of the most powerful tornado in order to gather the data needed. More info below...

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On May 28th, 2019, four tornadoes were documented by the team beginning with the Waldo Kansas tornado. Also occurring at the same time was a strange rope tornado elbowing 90 degrees horizontally as well as a sudden third brief spin-up tornado. The forth tornado developing southwest of Tipton Kansas was the highlight of the day and the main focus for the research. For each spring season since 2016, the team that conducted the El Reno Survey has applied findings from that effort in a research program where the aim is to map the near-surface wind field of tornadoes using precisely synchronized high-resolution videography obtained from multiple viewing perspectives.

Three vehicles were strategically positioned in front of a developing and strengthening tornado holding position as long as possible. After moving south out of the tornadoes path, the vortex passed safely to our north however strong rear-flank downdraft (RFD) winds being wrapped around the tornado were shaking the vehicles. Team "Woodchuck" occupied by Dr. Anton Seimon and Dr. Tracie Seimon were struck first by the expected RFD as was a heard of cows. The severe RFD then stuck team "Turtle's" vehicle occupied by Skip Talbot and Jennifer Brindley Ulb and soon after team "Tumbleweed" or Hank Schyma. A local in a white pickup raced toward the tornado getting within point blank range. If I had to guess, he was worried about his neighbors and their property directly in the tornado's path. Barns and outbuildings exploded into the air as large debris whirled around the tornado. The scientific team switched to search and assist mode and checked the property. A barn roof lay on the ground in front of it's former walls and tin was scattered about, however the two houses only sustained some broken windows. The white truck and another local honked their horns repeatedly but there was no response. We assumed nobody was home. The most powerful core passed just to the north of the structures. Days later a resident of the house would contact Skip Talbot confirming nobody was home at the time and also to express gratitude for us looking out for them.

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